Harris Villa Malang

Maybe this is the 5th time I visited this city, a city that is very well known if tourists want to visit Bromo, a city with apples, and don’t forget the Bakso Malang too. So many tourist and culinary places that we can explore in this city. That’s why I’m not bored to visit here.

Actually, I’ve stayed at this hotel a few years ago, and it turns out now that they have something new and unique here, namely “Harris Villa”. One of the newest concepts from Harris Hotels that only exists in several cities including in Malang. Basically, the Harris Hotel Malang concept itself does have a very different concept from Harris Hotels in other places, in this hotel it is predominantly white with an orange touch, a building design that feels like the colonial era, even has 3 swimming pool areas + a slide. WOOOOWWW !!!






VW Combi


The Lobby



My journey started from Jakarta using a train to Malang, when I arrived in Malang I went directly to the hotel, the hotel location is inside a beautiful complex made this hotel feel more exclusive. I was immediately greeted by the feel of a very grand hotel, there was even a modified VW Combi car. I went straight to the front desk and made the check-in process. While check-in we can also sit in this lobby area accompanied by a super-long window like in ‘Kota Tua’ (Old Town). From the side of the window, we can also immediately see a very large pool area and spoil the eyes. And it turns out I just found out that the Harris Villa area is different from the building with the Harris Hotel area. Actually, the distance is not far away, but because I carried my luggage finally I was taken by Harris’s crew using a buggy to my Villa.





The Villa




In the entrance area of this villa, there is a security guard who is ready to maintain 24-hour security, and my villa is not too far from the gate. So at a glance, the real area of the villa is like a cluster complex that we usually can find but the design of the villa that has the Scandinavian house concept makes this villa area very modern and different concept with the old style Harris Hotel building.

I got villa number 2, when I entered I immediately saw a small pool area (which is definitely a fish pond, not for swimming hahahaha), the door of the room itself uses sliding glass doors and access to the card.

WOOOOOW!!! That’s what I said about this very spacious and magnificent room. All villas here have the same design, the only difference is the color of the walls in the living room area. On the first floor, there is a living room area complete with sofa, table, TV, sink, microwave, dining table, dispenser, bathroom, and the most unique is a jacuzzi in the back patio area. Continue to the 2nd floor, we will find a bedroom with twin beds with a TV and a queen-size bedroom with a TV, then there is also a bathroom on the 2nd floor. Basically, this villa is very suitable for families who have 2 children, because of the number of suitable rooms, and a variety of child-friendly facilities.

Starting at Rp 1.200.000 for this type of Villa, in my opinion, this villa is also suitable for millennials staying overnight, even though there are only 2 bedrooms but in the living room area there is a very wide sofa for you to sleep hahahaha



The Jacuzzi



2nd Floor


in-room dining




Speaking of swimming pools, I think this is the coolest Harris Hotel !!! Because it has 3 swimming pools, the 1st one is the main swimming pool that has an elongated shape, the second swimming pool has a slide, and a smaller swimming pool for children. And in this area, there is also a kids club! And other facilities such as a fitness center are also available!


Main pool


Kids Pool







Although this Harris Hotel Malang is a 4-star hotel, the quality offered exceeds other four star hotels! And this type of Villa room is also very suitable for families or young people who want a stay here, if the budget is not enough for Villa, there are still many other types of rooms whose prices are very very affordable. And the purpose of this hotel in the complex is for exclusivity and beautiful nuances that are built, so if you do not have a private vehicle you are rather difficult if you want to travel out (but now there are Gojek or Grab, there are no problems at all)



Location: Riverside, Jl. A. Yani, Polowijen, Blimbing, Malang City, East Java 65126

Website: http://malang.harrishotels.com/

Phone: (0341) 2992299

Instagram: @harrismalang

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